Top Features to Look for When Selecting Software for a Document Management System

No matter the size of your enterprise, having a way to organize countless files and documents properly is the lifeblood of operations. However, new data such as production metrics and compliance-related info grow rapidly, making handling it challenging.

The best solution is turning to the right software for document management system. With a good program, it is easy to reach your targeted goals, such as streamlining processes or freeing up office-space. Indeed, the benefits are many, but first, you must select the right software for document management system.

Next, we highlight the main features to look for, but let us start with the definition.

Document Management System: What is It?

A document management system (DMS) is a program used to store and track electronic documents. Although this is the most basic use, a comprehensive DMS comes with a whole array of additional functionalities for improving a business’s efficiency.

By acquiring and installing software for a document management system, you can enjoy a lot more benefits. The most notable of these are:

  • Helping to cut down the physical storage of documents
  • Reducing costs related to documents management
  • Saving time required for saving and retrieving information
  • Improved customer service

To enjoy these benefits and a lot more, it is paramount only to select the model that comes with top-of-the-range features. Next, we highlight these features.

Top Features for Top-Rated Software for Document Management System

The effectiveness of any software for document management is determined by its features. So, here is what to look for when shopping for DMS software.

Robust Search Function Feature

Because organizations juggle a multitude of records at any one moment, finding the right documents is never easy. About 49% of employees across the globe struggle to locate documents. This is why you should look for software for document management system with a reliable search function.

The program should allow you to use metadata, such as vendor name, date, and invoice number for searches. Some programs also come with tagging abilities to allow you to organize and label documents by categories. Good examples include “contract” and “invoice” categories. So, you will be able to see all the documents in that category.

Permissioned Access

Having the documents at one place and being able to access them is only the beginning. Besides, you do not want the documents to fall into the wrong hands. This is crucial because some documents, such as bank statements and invoice data, might have info that is personal and sensitive. Take the example of healthcare records.

In such a situation, your organization will be bound by regulations such as HIPAA that demand utmost doctor-patient confidentiality. Alternatively, you might want only a selected few, perhaps the team leaders, to access the documents. To achieve these crucial restrictions, the software you pick should come with features for permissioned or tiered access.

Also, ensure the program can provide access to all the persons you want to grant rights to the information. If you look forward to scaling the business, the software should also allow you to increase the permissioned persons. Moreover, the program should make it possible to track when and where the authorized persons access the management system.

Mobile and Cloud Access

For managers and top organization officials, working is not restricted to the office premises. Even when they are back home or away on business expeditions, they need to be able to access important documents. This is why you should select the software for document management system that supports cloud and mobile access.

With only your smartphone, it is possible to access the documents stored on the company server. So, even if you plan for a meeting, process payroll, or update the balance sheet, cloud access makes it possible to work from away. This feature is critical for enhancing workplace flexibility and staff motivation.

Easy Integration with Legacy Organization Programs

In business, every entrepreneur would want to have the best tech to get things done, right? However, in most cases, the older programs tend to serve as the core/ backbone of operations. Because replacing them would be a massive undertaking, companies opt to retain them. If you run such an organization, it is recommended that you select software that easily integrates with legacy programs.

By integrating with your legacy programs, the new software for document management system will augment and improve their efficiency. The goal is not to go against what you have but to improve it without changing the identity, culture, and way of doing things. Well, you get to enjoy the best of both ends; the legacy programs and ultra-modern programs for document management systems.

The features we listed in this post can help you pinpoint the best software for document management system. In addition, it is crucial to read through reviews from past users to confirm that the software is good. Finally, utilize the free trial period to test all the features. Do not just select any program for document management; go for the best! You find a fitting selection here: